You make things happen!

What you do makes a difference

“You make things happen”, that is just what you do. You decide what it is that you want and then, you make it happen!

We were on our weekly walk on Hampstead Heath. I had just explained to a friend that the Council had, at last, agreed to reduce the speed limit on the A-Road where I lived.

It was a significant achievement, as I had been campaigning for the last year trying to make it happen, and I had, I had made it happen!

I had lived with the fast-moving traffic and accidents for years, but as my children grew, thinking of them crossing the road on their own was a constant worry.

I had tried the previous year to sell up and move to a quieter location. Still, when it came to the reality of what that meant, for example, leaving our lovely neighbourhood, the perfect place for both of the boys’ schools, not to mention the cost involved, it became clear that it was not the solution.

I realised that what I wanted  was to make the road safer for the children to cross and that going down the route of selling our house and moving to a different location was not going to happen, quite simply because I didn’t want to!

Having decided that my goal was to reduce the speed limit on this A-Road, I wrote to the Council. Unfortunately, I received a swift response that they had no plans to reduce the speed limit and would not consider it for the future, as it was an A-road!

I could at that point have thought, that’s it, many people said to me, it will never happen, you’re wasting your time!

This is the point where resilience kicks in and hard work becomes essential. How much do I want this to happen?

The thought of my children crossing the road every day was a big incentive. There are three schools on the road and two entrances to a park and access to the Heath. The constant damage to parked cars was also a consideration.

So how did I achieve my goal?

Well, I have spoken about the importance of being clear to myself about what it was that I wanted.

Knowing how much I wanted it! It was then time to invest the energy and brave the risk.

I started a full-on campaign. I requested information on accidents registered for the road using the Freedom of Information Act. I set up a Blog. I wrote to The Ham and High, a local newspaper, asking if they would be interested in writing an article on my campaign, which they very kindly supported. I met with a photographer and appeared in the paper, asking locals to support the Campaign. This was new territory for me and out of my comfort zone.

I started an online petition and went door to door to get the signatures required so that the Council would have to review my request formally. In addition, I approached local Councillors for their support and attended Council meetings to highlight the issue.

In other words, I had a clear plan and unwavering determination to achieve a positive outcome.

Having a goal and understanding the reasons behind it, analysing the losses, and the gains -positive or negative, will determine how successful you will be in achieving it.

A goal is something to work towards. It’s in the future and requires work, effort, commitment, and usually sacrifice (time, risk-stepping out of your comfort zone). The bigger the challenge, often, the greater the rewards.

Working towards a goal involves change, and change takes action and energy. Embracing change can mean stepping out of your comfort zone, and of course, not everyone may welcome the change you are seeking. That is why understanding the reasons for your goal, and the results of achieving it over the consequences of not achieving it are fundamental to your success.

I don’t tell my clients that change is easy, but I tell them that the most challenging part is knowing that they want to change and committing to taking the necessary action.

The great thing is that as they have already started the journey with a Life Coach, they are well on their way to making it happen.

Empowering change – a Life Coach will help you to:

  • Know what you want!
  • Understand what is standing in your way!
  • Decide how much you want it!
  • Take action!
  • Make it happen!